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Creating great appointment booking forms using WordPress.

How to customize the appointment calendar styles?

The Appointment Booking Calendar plugin for WordPress features various options to customize its look & feel, from the base calendar styles, form design template to easily applying custom CSS styles.

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Displaying price below the date selection

You can enable the option to display the appointment price below the date selection, letting know the user the cost before clicking the submit button.

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Using the quantity fields for appointment bookings with multiple capacity

In some cases you need to allow the booking for multiple persons over the same time-slot. The following article explains how to achieve this with the Appointment Booking Calendar.

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Publishing various appointment calendars in the same page

Using the Appointment Booking Calendar you can publish a booking form with a selection of the calendar in the top, allowing this way the publishing of multiple calendars into the same space.

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Enabling the Form Builder in the Appointment Booking Calendar

The Appointment Booking Calendar has a visual form builder that appears on each calendar settings page to visually add/modify fields and set the validation rules.

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